Foundation Stage

Children start Foundation One in the September after their third birthday.  The Early Years Foundation Stage is a two-year phase.

There are 3 classes in Foundation One and Foundation Two respectively.  Each year group has its own base where classes surround a well-equipped and spacious shared activity area.

Class size does not exceed 22, where possible.  Teaching assistants support the class teachers in the delivery of the curriculum and specialist teachers deliver the programme for Music, ICT, PE as well as an informal approach to Arabic.

The learning environments are well resourced and maintained providing the pupils with a range of multi-sensory activities.  There is a full time teaching assistant in Foundation One central area who adds valuable support to a wide range of activities including group work and language development through role play. Display is valued and celebrates the children’s work across all curriculum areas.  All classrooms have interactive white boards to support the children's learning; these offer ways to support and consolidate day to day skills and allow access to the world outside through interactive websites.

The pupils have a dedicated play area featuring a range of activities, including wheeled vehicles, keeping them fully occupied at break times!    As well as the permanent playground features the staff provide a range of changing outdoor activities such as water, sand, mark making and small world play.  Specialist teaching rooms for IT, Music, Library and PE complete the department facilities.  Children in Foundation love visiting the library each week and our youngest children enjoy cycling around the school grounds to get there!

Foundation One has one half-hour break, with Foundation Two children having two breaks of half an hour each. The children get the opportunity to play outdoors and eat their packed lunch indoors.  Foundation children spend an increased amount of time outdoors during the cooler months with art, physical, creative, mathematical and language tasks and resources available outside.

Foundation One children finish at 12.00 noon.  Foundation Two children finish at 2.00pm and parents are invited to collect their children from the classroom.

Children follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, based around seven areas of learning.  The emphasis throughout the Foundation Stage is on engaging the children in first-hand learning experiences with a very strong emphasis on play and early communication skills. Role play is used as a way of developing the children's expressive language skills; these areas change regularly in classrooms and central areas. 

Parents are provided with a comprehensive curriculum summary which outlines the expectations in all areas of learning.  Parents are actively encouraged to support their children's development through reading and home/school linked phonic and letter formation activities.

Opportunities to enrich the curriculum area developed through trips and visitors.  Parents are invited into school to attend school production that are appropriate to the children's age.  The children have great fun preparing for these through songs, actions, dance and some speaking parts.

Similarly, visitors with special skills and experience are invited into class to further enrich the curriculum.