Arabic is the fifth most spoken language on the planet with over 250 million native Arabic speakers. In the UAE, Arabic is a core subject and is compulsory from Year 1 through to Year 9. However, students at JESS enjoy learning Arabic from Foundation 1 onwards.  Our Arabic Learning Assistant works collaboratively with the Early Years team to successfully incorporate Arabic into the children's play.  There are two curricula: one for native Arabic speakers and another for non-native Arabic speakers. Students spend many hours learning Arabic whilst on their JESS journey and the positive attitude of parents, students and teachers towards learning this complex language will ensure that our aspirational aim of having children achieve an Arabic GCSE is well within their grasp

Pupils are introduced to Arabic via an Early Years philosophy i.e. learning through play.  An Arabic teacher will play alongside the pupils and introduce them to the basic sounds of the language.  As the pupils move into Foundation Two the pupils will additionally experience more class sessions in the form of stories, songs and early phonic work.  Arabic as a first language students will receive weekly focused support.

Pupils begin to study Arabic more formally in Year One. During Key Stage One pupils will concentrate on the sound and lettering of the alphabet using a variety of resources to help them become increasingly familiar with the written and oral forms.  Arabic as a first language pupils will receive extra provision as per government guidelines.

From Years Three to Six, a more topic based curriculum is introduced in which pupils learn a variety of vocabulary in context from numbers and colours to food and classroom items. Pupils are taught how to read and write words to reinforce their reading and writing skills with the aim of giving a sound base of Arabic on which to continue into Year Seven.

Arabic as a first language pupils will receive extra provision as per government guidelines.