The aim of the Modern Foreign Languages Department  is to enable pupils to become confident and independent language learners. Students are encouraged to develop their language skills through a variety of activities that involve listening, speaking, reading and writing. Each lesson is planned to allow pupils to feel valued and confident to participate in class activities, ensuring that the language learning process is a positive and enjoyable experience. 

In Years Five and Six, pupils are introduced to French through the course 'Studio'. There are varied activities which provide opportunities for listening, speaking, reading and writing. These activities include the use of games, pair work, interviews, conversations, monologues, songs, raps and rhymes. Listening and reading activities are linked to a cartoon strip which also provides reading for pleasure. Regular use is made of worksheets which reinforce reading and writing skills. Pupils have opportunities to talk and write about themselves, their families and pets, likes and dislikes, the weather, dates and birthdays, clothing, places in town, directions, shopping, food and telling the time. Students will also develop their understanding of cultural aspects of France and French speaking countries.