Curriculum Overview

JESS is committed to developing the whole individual and in helping students to achieve their potential in academic studies whilst promoting their social, cultural, emotional, aesthetic and physical development. Accordingly, this is reflected in the broad and balanced curriculum on offer.

The academic programmes are based on the National Curriculum of England, delivered in English and adapted to take into account our international context and local circumstances. Being a Dubai school, Arabic is an important language for all our students to learn and Islamic Studies is delivered to our Muslim students, as directed by the Ministry of Education. 

We enhance the National Curriculum and seek opportunities to increase skills acquisition and development. The JESS Key Stage 3 course of Art, Design and Technology is a good example of this in which the students’ skills and understanding in the area are developed beyond that normally expected in this age range. 

Work undertaken in Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE), delivered through target days, further enhances the development of the whole individual; as too, the extensive extracurricular activities programme which takes place outside of the normal classroom hours.