Pastoral Care

JESS is dedicated to the emotional, physical and social well-being of every student. Our aim is for every student to be known and feel part of the JESS school community. The Pastoral Care System is designed so that students are supported in all aspects of school life so that they achieve their individual potential. The partnership of home and school is vital for the school to work effectively to produce young adults who can enter the world feeling confident in themselves and their abilities.

The Aims of the Pastoral Care System are to:

  • Encourage students through positive affirmation and rewards.
  • Raise the level of involvement and performance by self-evaluation and reporting.
  • Encourage a high standard of behaviour.
  • Provide a cooperative learning environment.
  • Maximise a student’s individual potential.
  • Encourage the development of the individual as a whole person.
  • Produce life-long learners.
  • Encourage independence of thought and mind.
  • Prepare students for life in an international setting.
  • Promote responsibility, self-esteem and respect.
  • Be aware of the community in which they live and contribute positively to the lives of others

Each student is allocated to a tutor group and his/her tutor being the first point of contact for any issues which arise during the school day. The tutors are further supported by a Head of Year and the Heads of Year have the support of the Assistant Headteacher – Guidance.

For parents the Form Tutor is the first point of contact if there are any matters they wish to discuss with regard to their son/daughter’s welfare. Regular meetings between the Assistant Head, HOY and Headteacher ensure that pastoral matters and monitored and dealt with.

If a student fails to respond in a positive manner to the pastoral care provided by the school then he/she shall be dealt with as set out in the Behaviour Policy. 

Each morning students are registered by their tutor and are expected to be punctual for this. On Sunday to Wednesday, this is followed by 20 minutes of mentoring time which is used for different activities including assemblies/reading/inter-form activities/PSHE discussions.

Students who may be experiencing difficulties with organisation/homework etc may receive support during this time through a mentor. It is also the time of day when the Head of Year may see students to sort out any issues which have arisen during the course of the school week.

Active Tutoring is when tutors talk to individual students about any particular issues regarding educational or pastoral matters. They also use the time to discuss any topics which are current and continue the work done on PSHE Days.

As part of the Pastoral Care System there is a programme of Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) which develops as students move up the school. The aim of this programme is to prepare students to enter the international community with an awareness and understanding of some of the issues they may be faced to deal with as an individual in today’s world. PSHE takes place on specified days during the year and follows the themes: Awareness, Choices, The Pursuit of Happiness & Life Skills.

All students are made aware of the rewards procedure and this information is also noted in their Student Planners.

Students are rewarded in many different ways:

• Record in the Student Planner

• House points – recorded on epraise

• Tutor/HOY/Assistant Headteacher Guidance/Headteacher informed and student seen by the member of staff.

• Public celebration in assembly

• Parental contact

• Postcards Home

• JESS Student Awards