Art & Design

The Art and Design curriculum aims to encourage and facilitate the flowering of creativity that we believe to be endemic in our students. Art and Design contributes to the school curriculum by offering a distinctive way of learning, where seeing, feeling, thinking and making are combined in a powerful form of visual and tactile communication. The art and design department provides a stimulating and creative environment allowing students access to a range of 3D and 2D skills, using such mediums as paint, print, textiles, photography, ceramics and sculpture. A more individually tailored program develops the students further so they can each work to their own pace and build confidence in their abilities. Students are encouraged to fully participate in their own learning, through peer assessment, group work and self-assessment.

The Art Department at JESS boasts the following:

  • Two large spacious art studios fully equipped with resources, including easels
  • Laptops with wireless facilities
  • Studios with access to an inbuilt LCD data projector and IWB
  • Kiln with an extensive range of ceramic resources
  • Industry standard photographic screen printing equipment, as well as traditional etching press
  • A darkroom

The aim of the Key Stage 3 course is to improve students’ visual literacy through exposure to key art works from different cultures and experimentation with a wide variety of art processes and materials. There are 3 themes across Key Stage 3, self and experiences, natural, made objects and materials and environments. In year 7 students are given a basic Art Foundation Course with a beach trip to inspire and to create artwork from direct observation. Year 8 builds on these skills, developing 3D materials using modroc, papier-mâché and textile processes. In Year 9 students focus on a more individual program exploring personal themes and events.  They investigate their local environment and the changes taking place in Dubai whilst using a range of 2D and 3D media including intaglio printmaking, clay and textile materials. 

Students at JESS follow the Unendorsed Edexcel Art and Design course for GCSE. The two year course outline allows students to experiment and investigate a range of disciplines, including sculpture, ceramics, print, textiles and painting. The students complete 3 units worth 60% over the 2 years and with a final 10hr exam at the end of the course which is weighted as 40%. Students select a variety of themes from personal identity, Art Nouveau to organic form. Students are encouraged to be highly innovative experimenting with large scale and mixed media. During the course students develop an understanding of Art History, researching a range of movements and artists from different cultures and throughout time. Students develop their own personal style and produce a body of work and journals culminating in an exhibition celebrating their work. 

In line with the latest pedagogy the Art Department uses assessment to guide and aid students in becoming independent learners. Allowing students to take an active part in how they learn as individuals. Peer assessment, group assessment, learning to learn and accelerated learning is an integral part of all lessons encouraging students to take charge of their own development, reflect and set goals and targets for themselves.