The Oasis

Within the JESS community, there will be many pupils whose individual learning style requires curriculum adaptation and specific, targeted tuition. This includes children who are more able, gifted and/or talented as well as those for whom learning presents some challenges. The staff within The Oasis aim to work with the children, their parents, their teachers and any outside specialists to ensure that each child fulfils their true potential in an environment in which diversity is respected.

The Oasis is a department within the school which identifies and supports students with learning differences.  The team will act in a consultancy role to work with class teachers/specialists to ensure all students have access to quality first teaching. Where students do not make age appropriate progress, despite high quality teaching, The Oasis team will implement appropriate support, which may include extension/enrichment activities, assessment of need, selected individual targets and action plans. The overall purpose of The Oasis is to develop, in students, the learning skills necessary to access the wider curriculum, to help extend the most able and to raise each student's confidence and self-esteem.

Additional learning needs may have been recognized prior to a student’s entry to JESS or identified by means of assessment that is undertaken within school and, in some cases, diagnosed by an external specialist. Both formal and informal assessments contribute to an understanding of a student’s relative strengths and areas for development and enable staff working with the student to reflect on whether any curriculum adaptations or targeted tuition is required. The Oasis team work within a Social Model of Inclusion recognising that the nature and impact of any barrier to learning can be minimised through appropriate actions and advice without restricting achievements.

Provision is designed to promote confident, independent learners who come to an understanding of their learning profile and develop the skills necessary to achieve their potential. The Oasis team offers in-class support, focus groups, 1:1 tuition and advice on possible strategies and activities to use with children with specific need.  All teachers are proactive in their approach to referral for identifying and minimising any physical, attitudinal, communication or social barrier that restrict student's achievements.   All teachers take appropriate actions to remove barriers to learning with support that can create a strong sense of belonging, emotional resilience and good preparation for the next stage of education and life.  The Oasis provision is dependent on the finite resources available.

To ensure effective teamwork, information regarding children who are identified with an additional learning need will be shared with the teachers concerned; specialists included. Such information will be updated regularly within the existing school systems.