Application Process - All Sixth Form Programmes

Options Form: All students need to complete an online application in which they select their preferred course of study.

Curriculum Vitae: All students need to submit a CV to the Sixth Form Office. Provide evidence of achievements, leadership roles, extra-curricular engagement and responsibilities. These should be summarised in a CV of your own making (one A4 sheet will suffice). The information should reflect activities undertaken both inside and outside of school and can be of an academic or non-academic nature. It is also useful to include any supplementary educational qualifications that you may hold (e.g. music certification etc). The idea is to show off your strengths in a summative manner.

Interview: In certain situations a follow-up interview may be required to ascertain the viability of a proposed programme of study with both student(s) and parent(s). This may involve a discussion of all of the above and how the student intends to build on these areas in Years 12 and 13. Students will be asked how they will contribute to life at JESS as a whole in conjunction with their own personal and academic development. The expectations of a JESS IB student will also be outlined and discussed in detail during this interview.

Deposit: A non-refundable deposit of 3000AED is required to be paid by the Options deadline (early February) in order to secure a place. This is deducted from the first Term fees at JESS.

External Students: You will be required to sit an entry test in Mathematics and English (this can be sent overseas). In addition, you may be required to attend an interview. Please note that priority is given to JESS students first. Whilst we will accept applications a year in advance for September entry, we will not continue with the application until mid-February when we are aware of how many places we will have available.