Information and Admissions

Year 12 and 13 is perhaps the most intensive and demanding period of education that any individual undergoes and in a highly competitive world we recognise that our students need strong academic results combined to increase their opportunities and choices for the future. We believe in an holistic education which recognises that to make the most of those opportunities and choices our students will require maturity, confidence and a repertoire of learning skills. The skills gained during their IB education at the JESS Sixth Form will serve the students exceptionally well throughout their further education and into the world of work.

The Sixth Form Team and subject specialists have been planning, developing and improving the post-sixteen curriculum since 2007. JESS became an IB World School following a highly successful inspection visit from the IB in February 2009 and has successfully taken cohorts through the IB Diploma Programme and the IB Diploma Courses Programme. We are rightfully proud of the results our students and staff have achieved, which consistently outperform world averages and can be compared with top global schools. We are confident that the JESS Sixth Form is consistent with the excellent reputation already earned by the rest of the school, and is now building a successful international reputation.

IB World Schools share a common philosophy – a commitment to high quality, challenging, international education which JESS believes is important for all our students. We have extensive, experienced, highly skilled staff within the Sixth Form Team with a strong pastoral care system to support students as they take on the challenges that the Sixth Form poses, balancing the demands of the academic and core elements of the IB Diploma programme. We believe in maintaining open communication and a strong partnership between home, school and the student in order to provide the best support we can for the students. We check student’s progress regularly and discuss with students and parents strategies for improving any areas of weakness that are identified. In addition, we have dedicated University Counsellors which will guide and advice students through choosing suitable universities in many countries across the world and assist them with the application process.

The secondary school has worked hard to establish the IB ethos in students throughout the school, with all students having an awareness of the IB Learner Profile. Further IB activities regularly take place throughout the academic year as part of our PSHE programme, focusing on internationalism, critical thinking, preparation for essay writing, and academic honesty.

The Sixth Form is based in state-of-the-art facilities, providing an excellent learning environment. Our students are role models for the rest of the school, and are expected to get involved in and lead many aspects of JESS life, right down to Foundation 1. Our students are engaged and enthusiastic and are motivated to meet the many challenges that life in the Sixth Form will pose. 

Mr Ian Thurston
Head of Sixth Form