Student Leadership


There is a range of opportunities for pupils to take on leadership roles at JESS.  Through these positions we develop collaboration and decision making skills and truly value the opinions and actions of the studetns involved. Here is a selection of the main roles.

Zahra  Hannigan, Head Girl

To have been chosen to act as the school’s new Head Girl is a great honour - having been at JESS for my entire schooling career, I am thrilled to be given the opportunity to give back as thanks for all it’s done for me. My aim is to ensure that all students get the same enjoyable, community experience that I was lucky enough to grow up with, and to be an advocate for positive change and a voice for the student body as a whole. Music is my passion, and so I would love to work with a focus on this department, and transfer the same dedication and commitment I put towards this area into my work as Head Girl. I am genuinely so excited for what the coming year has to offer, and can’t wait to give it my all!


Paul Lewis, Head Boy

I have the great responsibility of being your new Head Boy. I am ready to accept the role of conserving, as well as hope to improve, the preternatural community spirit that exists between all members of JESS; both inside and outside of the campus. I look forward to working with all of you and anticipate your ideas for how to bring something new to JESS, whether through organizing interschool events or simply starting a new club. Thus, I aim to provide all members of the JESS community to be able to contribute towards JESS, working with staff as well as students from all year groups. As an academically inclined individual, I will utilize my strong work ethic and sense of determination to make my aims a reality.

Julita Hanekom, Deputy Head Girl

Hi, my name is Julita and I am delighted to be the new deputy-head girl of JESS. I have been a student here for the last 8 years and I wouldn’t exchange the experiences for anything. If you are ever looking for me there is a great chance that I will either be in the drama studios rehearsing, or on the netball courts training. I know first-hand how difficult it can be to balance academics with extra-curricular and social interests; however, through my time here I have developed confidence, organisational and time management skills which has helped me develop and become not only a more diligent student but also a more conscientious person.

Jake Clift, Deputy Head Boy

My name is Jake and I have been at JESS for almost 14 years, beginning this special journey in JESS Jumeriah in 2003. Some words to describe myself would include: ambitiousness – to always strive and complete tasks prior to deadlines; considerate – of others around me, to show concerns of others feelings and rights, and inventive – defined by "independence and creativity in thought or action" always looking at ways to find the best solutions through creativity and ingenious solutions to problems.  For filling  this role has made me even more excited for the upcoming future; I have promised myself to continue the legacy and nature of success within our school which I hope to see in the nearby future.

The Senior Digital Leaders are made up from students from Years 12 and 13. They help lead the school in all things technological. They give training and support to both students and staff with the use of technology in teaching and learning. There is an emphasis on the use of Office 365. The Senior Digital Leaders also support many events and productions held at the school. They also manage filming and post processing for internal and external publication. Currently, they are working with the Senior Leaders of all three sites to recommend how the classroom could look and work in the future.

These students truly model the role of a leader.