JESS Health Office

‘He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything’ - Arabian Proverb

The role of the school nurse plays a crucial part of school life at JESS and as such we endeavour to ensure that, at both branches of JESS we have highly qualified school nurses on site at all times, who work closely with the students and teachers.   The School nurse provides a variety of services such as health education within schools, carrying out developmental screening, undertaking health interviews and advising on immunisation programmes.

The school nurse will also;

• administer first aid and emergency care
• collaborate with parents, staff and health care professionals regarding specific health concerns
• coordinate and assist with school medical examination 
• maintain school health records

Our nurses have a multitude of experience in health promotion, to include, child protection, health education and screening.  They also have a great deal of insight and knowledge in the health needs of children and teenagers.

The health office at both JESS schools is equipped to deal with all minor and major injuries.  The layout is such that we can accommodate those children who visit for minor ailments and those who may require rest and monitoring.  At Arabian Ranches, we are also fortunate to have a separate room for School Medical Examinations to be conducted in and for use when privacy is of the utmost concern.

We also have available to us health screening equipment to include audiometric equipment for hearing tests and visual screening aids for vision testing.  This allows us to monitor the childhood milestones and record such information is each child’s school health record. All our nurses are IT proficient and computers are located in both Health offices to allow for computer-generated medical records. We also keep a variety of reading materials, of a health related nature, on hand for the children if they have to spend any length of time in the office.

In the event of any medical emergency, we have protocols in place to ensure that this will be dealt with safely and professionally, to allow the best possible care for each child. Both JESS schools have a School Medical Officer, who is qualified school health doctor, on hand to support any emergency which may arise.  As well as the four fully trained, registered school nurses, we also have several members of staff who have undergone First Aid training.  Emergency equipment is available in areas throughout the school and if required, external medical emergency support is readily available to the school.