JESS stars shine in 'Mulan' show!

Wednesday, Dec 07, 2016

On 5th and 6th December, the auditorium was filled with the voices of our students united in song as they danced, fought and strutted their way through Disney’s Mulan. There were so many choice highlights; the comic exchanges between Mum and Grandmother (played by Darwish and Malley) and that side-splitting line about coming back from an army of men with only a sword to show for your efforts, the angelic choir of ancestors who bestowed commentary on the proceedings down on earth whilst somehow still managing to find time to bicker, the irrepressible banter among the soldier classes led by Captain Li-Shang (Isaac Scott), the impossibly accurate contortions of the dragon Mushu (played by Lorna Phillips), the stoic menace of the nasty Huns (led by Zeena Kubeisy) and the convincing exuberance of Mulan herself (Alex Duggan). Well done to all involved and big heartfelt praise to the Theatre team who pour their heart and soul (not to mention cartloads of time) into getting students of all abilities and walks of life to perform in a concerted manner. Thanks are also owed to the Art department for sorting out the Chinese lanterns and dragon designs, the Year 13 make-up girls, the stage management and sound and lighting teams for an absolutely flawless performance.

Congratulations and well done to our superb Drama department – another fabulous JESS show!