Curriculum Structure

The early childhood years are recognised as those where rapid learning occurs. This is a critical stage for academic and personal success where the child’s sense of self as a successful person and as a confident learner are formed. The Foundation Stage will offer your child the best possible start to their school life, providing them with a chance to grow and develop in a carefully structured play environment. The Foundation Stage is about developing learning skills such as listening, speaking, concentration, persistence and learning to work together and co-operate with others. We recognise the importance of developing your child’s social and emotional needs and through a positive environment children are encouraged to explore and develop associated skills alongside each other.

Through an integrated approach, children learn about the world around them developing the skills of early communication, literacy and numeracy skills that will underpin future learning as they enter Key Stage 1. 

Years 1 to 2 build upon the experiences of the Foundation as we encourage the children to become more confident, independent learners. Through a wide ranging and balanced curriculum, we give all children the opportunity to fulfil their potential through a hands on approach to learning. We support and encourage our children to have an inquiring approach to their learning while giving them the basic language and numeracy skills that will provide them with the essential building blocks for their future learning. Through careful planning and on-going assessment and evaluation of the curriculum that we offer, we ensure that each child feels valued and respected for their talents and that each child is treated as an individual. 

Key Stage 2 further develops the skills, knowledge and independence acquired in Key Stage 1 through a lively, imaginative and broad curriculum. It is during this time that the student’s access greater responsibility through a range of planned experiences that we view as stepping stones towards the subject specialism of Key Stage 3. Areas of academic, aesthetic, creative and physical development continue to be the focus. However, in preparation for life in the modern world an emphasis is also placed on technology, increasing a student’s knowledge and understanding of information and communication systems. Underpinning the curriculum experience is the value placed upon the continued development of self-esteem so that each student may view the prospect of secondary school positively and confidently.  

The emergence of adolescence is a crucial developmental stage in a student’s life and for some it begins as early as 11 years of age. In addition to the academic provision for Years 7 to 9 we address the social and emotional needs of our students through a teaching and learning approach that focuses upon the standards, welfare and well being of each student. This includes facilitating a comfortable transition from Key Stage 2 where the curriculum model employed is further developed with the introduction of more specialist teaching areas. Students are given support to successfully manage the structure of the Key Stage 3 curriculum during which the process of increasing their independent learning skills is continued in order to provide a thorough preparation for the rigours of the curriculum at GCSE. 

At this vital stage of a student’s development our programme is designed to respond to the demands of the prescriptive nature of the courses offered at GCSE. The aim is to provide an environment where each student has a clear sense of purpose and direction, to enable him or her to achieve the very best set of public examination results. To optimise our students’ chances of success at GCSE and beyond, the focus is upon teaching and learning strategies that enhance a student’s skills and responsibilities for independent learning. A sense of balance is achieved through a programme that offers a range of opportunities beyond the academic curriculum. 

We currently offer the IB Diploma Programme and the IB Courses programme in the JESS Sixth Form.

From September 2017, we will also be offering BTEC Extended Level 3 specialist courses in Art, Sport and Business. Further details on these courses will be posted on our website in due course.

For more detailed information on the Sixth Form curriculum, please follow the link below.