Gifted and Talented Policy

1. Aims

1.1. At Jumeirah English Speaking School we aim to provide for the development of the full potential of each individual student.
1.2. All students have individual abilities, qualities and talents, which need to be identified and developed within an environment which celebrates and values achievement.
1.3. We plan our learning and teaching in such a way that we enable each student to achieve the highest level of personal achievement.

2. The Definition of Gifted and Talented:

2.1. ‘Gifted and Talented’ are pupils who achieve, or have the ability to achieve, at a level significantly in advance of the average for their year group’ DFE
2.2. ‘Gifted’ refers to a significant minority of pupils who are capable of working/functioning academically at a level several years beyond their peers. This means a minimum of two years ahead, based on the National Curriculum levels, of an average JESS pupil and scores of 130+ on standardised tests such as CATs.
2.3. ‘Talented’ refers to pupils who show considerable ability in practical subjects. Areas may include:
 creative or performing arts
 physical talent, to include sport, dance, drama



3. Identification:



3.1. The purpose of identifying a gifted, able or talented pupil is so that teachers can assess needs to inform the planning of work, which ensures appropriate pace and challenge.
3.2. The main provider of extension opportunities is the class/subject teacher. Oasis has an overview of provision.
3.3. There is not one method of identifying a Gifted/Talented pupil or one method which is totally accurate. A combination of quantitative and qualitative methods should be used.
3.3.1. Teacher assessment – observation/judgement of student’s work
3.3.2. Checklists of characteristics
 Background knowledge e.g. home environment/activities and consultation with parents
 Testing – SATs, CAT, Foundation Stage Profiles etc. CEM centre and GL assessments.

4. Strategies in Class/School:

4.1. We aim to incorporate a differentiated and appropriate curriculum where pupils are able to extend their abilities. All curriculum areas are to be included.
4.2. This curriculum will be planned within year group/subject meetings and built into schemes of work, with differentiated activities highlighted for targeted pupils. Responses to planned tasks are to be noted and used to inform subsequent planning.
4.3. Stretch and Challenge programmes and projects are cascaded across school with Gifted and Talented student support added as an agenda item to Year and Subject meetings.
4.4. A variety of teaching, learning and organisational strategies will be employed including:
 provision of tasks that promote problem-solving and investigative skills
 open ended tasks to deepen understanding of concepts and develop reasoning and thinking skills
 provision of challenging programmes
 enrichment activities, either within the class or as part of an enrichment group, using a bank of specific resources, increased technical/ specialist language
 curriculum compacting focusing on the skills of analysing and synthesising in the work set
4.5. Where appropriate, pupils will have the opportunity to:
 Work in varied and flexible groupings
 Work with pupils from other classes/year groups
 Work on an individual/different programme, including using secondary expertise/facilities where possible and appropriate
 Attend relevant workshops/presentations/seminars
4.6. Assessment, both formative and summative, will be used.
4.7. A range of extra-curricular activities are in place and will be continued, there are opportunities to participate in inter-school’s events and there are specialist teachers for various areas of the curriculum/extra-curricular activities.

5. Monitoring and Evaluation:

5.1. Documented evidence for an identified Gifted student should be collated and kept by the Year Group Leader/Subject Leader/or a nominated colleague. Copies to be passed to Oasis for inclusion in the school Portfolio.
5.2. Documented evidence for Peripatetic and Extra-curricular activities should be collated by the person in charge. Copies should be passed to Oasis for inclusion in the school Portfolio.
5.3. Student listings of anyone that is included within the group of Gifted/Talented, their activities and work samples should all be passed to Oasis for cross curricular analysis.
5.4. Where relevant, colleagues are responsible for showing differentiation for Gifted/Talented pupils on planning documents. These should be available for Year Group Leaders/Subject Leaders/SLT and Oasis Team.
5.5. The Oasis Department are responsible for monitoring. This will be achieved by documentation of participation in specific activities, updating of the register and monitoring planning.
5.6. Relevant and purposeful information may be shared with parents when the information is pertinent to the student’s aspirational target.
5.7. Assessment and Test results (SATs, CAT etc.) will be reviewed regularly in line with the school’s assessment policies

6. Staff Training and Development:

6.1. Staff training and development is part of the school’s on-going Inset programme.