Welcome to JESS

At Jumeirah English Speaking School we believe that the capacity for critical and creative thinking is a uniquely human attribute. We are preparing students with the skills for a future where they will be required to think first, use information second and always remember that information is no substitute for imagination, intuition and pure thought.

With the support and encouragement of the Board, our staff is committed to fostering a community of caring learners, and to providing an academic curriculum that develops a broad knowledge base, while promoting the skills of critical and creative thinking. We seek to do this within a challenging and supportive environment which develops individuals as both independent and collaborative learners.

At JESS we take pride in the tradition and reputation of the School for pursuing the highest standards dedicated to:

"Achieving Excellence Together"

Our academic programme is complemented and supported by a wide range of sporting, recreational and performance activities. The school's pastoral care programme pays close attention to the well-being and personal development of each individual student.

In these ways, the school promotes physical, emotional, personal and social development as well as intellectual growth. At JESS we take pride in the tradition and reputation of the School for pursuing the highest standards. It is expected that each student will strive zealously to fulfil his or her unique potential, while also acting as a worthy member of the school community. We promote a supportive environment where students feel determined to do their best at all times, and where both effort and achievement are warmly acknowledged.

All of us who work at JESS see ourselves as partners in our learning community. We look to the future of the school and our students with great excitement. We hope that we may be able to welcome your child to this community - so that we can continue to share in that excitement of learning, and play an active role in shaping their futures, that of Dubai and of this world.

The core purpose of Jumeirah English Speaking School is to create a learning community where everyone is valued, challenged and is successful in our pursuit of 'Achieving Excellence Together'.

In achieving this mission our aim is to:

  • Create a safe and secure environment which motivates individuals to excel academically, physically, creatively, socially and emotionally
  • Develop a learning centred environment that recognises the uniqueness of every individual
  • Create a context where cooperation, interdependence, originality, flexibility and innovation are valued
  • Foster positive self-esteem and supportive relationships founded upon respect and mutual trust
  • Promote equality of opportunity for all regardless of race, religion or gender
  • Ensure commitment, contribution and a sense of responsibility as an ethical and moral citizen in local and international contexts
  • Encourage excellence, resourcefulness and perseverance
  • Promote learning as an engaging, independent and life-long activity

JESS aspires to be at the forefront of educational practice where all are valued as part of the learning community and as internationally-minded citizens who look out, not back, in order to meet the challenges of a dynamic future.

  • JESS is a happy, vibrant community promoting learning habits in which innovation and flexibility are actively fostered
  • JESS provides a holistic educational experience which is ambitious and aspirational for all
  • JESS provides diversity of opportunity for all to achieve individual excellence
  • JESS develops robust, risk-taking individuals capable of meeting the unique challenges of a rapidly changing world
  • JESS students take responsibility for their learning and demonstrate creative and critical thinking
  • JESS students are articulate, emotionally intelligent, caring, outward-looking and tolerant
  • JESS teachers are encouraged to be innovative and contemporary in both knowledge and practice and only pursue the highest of standards