Key Stage Two

Having completed Key Stage One, the pupils commence Key Stage Two, a four year phase from Years 3 to 6 (7-11 years old). There are 4 classes in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6. Each year group has its own base where classes surround a well equipped and spacious shared activity area. Class size does not exceed 22, where possible. Each learning environment is well resourced and maintained providing the pupils with a range of multi sensory activities. Display is valued and celebrates the children’s work across all curriculum areas.

The class teacher remains the key person in each pupil’s school life, teaching the main academic subjects and being responsible for their overall pastoral care. At the same time, the pupils’ confidence is enhanced as they move around the school to specialist teachers in Computing, Music, Library, Arabic and PE with French from Year 5.

There are two breaks during the school day 9.30-10.00 am and 11.45-12.30 pm. The pupils have dedicated outdoor play areas featuring a range of activities, as well as a playing field providing opportunities to participate in team games. 

The structure of the curriculum is based around the core subjects; English, mathematics, Arabic and Science. In addition, the foundation subjects of history, geography, design technology and art are fundamental to the cross curricular, skills based approach. The use of mobile technology, enquiry, challenge and real life learning are integral to our schools vision of 21st century learning and embedded into all lessons.

The curriculum is enriched with trips and special events and days wherever possible. For example the year 6 pupils go on a 3 night residential trip to Dibba where they get the opportunity to engage in many real life, practical activities. Year 5 pupils have a one night residential trip to Al Dhaid and Year 4 hold an overnight Viking camp in the school grounds. We offer a caring and dynamic learning environment where we nurture confident, happy children with an appetite for learning.