Sport and Physical Education

Outstanding Physical Education is a cornerstone of the JESS Jumeirah Curriculum. We passionately believe that our broad and balanced curriculum helps children to develop a love of sport and activity that stays with them throughout their lives. Through our extensive range of curricular activities and extra-curricular clubs, we provide a fully inclusive experience for children of all ages and abilities.

Within each lesson, activities are differentiated and specific to each learner, ensuring that everyone is challenged to meet their full potential. As well as learning key movement skills, pupils also develop a deeper understanding of the importance of making informed and healthy choices throughout their life.

In the Foundation Stage, pupils enjoy three lessons per week with an emphasis on physical development and fundamental movement skills. Lessons are delivered that allow children to play and select their challenges whilst also practising carefully selected skills designed to complement their curricular learning. Our Foundation Stage children enjoy their learning in a variety of environments such as our specially designed Learn to Swim pool, PE studio, Indoor Gross Motor Soft-Play Area and our extensive outdoor facilities. All Foundation Stage PE lessons are taught by specialist teachers, ensuring all pupils are appropriately challenged. Physical Development is one of the prime areas of learning in the Foundation Stage and is also regularly enforced through continuous provision and structured play activities. 

In Key Stage 1, our pupils advance to more complex skill acquisition activities. These lessons are designed to build on the success pupils achieve during the Foundation Stage and help them transition into more specialised games and units of work in the upper school. As well as a strong emphasis on body strength and balance activities, pupils will also spend time improving their running style and hand eye coordination. Whilst providing individual challenge, these lessons also introduce competition and cooperation, teaching pupils how to compete fairly and safely.

As pupils transition into Key Stage 2, our curriculum shifts focus from skills based to activity based lessons. Throughout Year 3 to 6 children will enjoy activities such as Football, Basketball, Netball, Hockey, Athletics, Cricket and Swimming. As pupils build and develop their own personal interests; they also have the opportunity to progress their skills as part of our highly successful extracurricular program. Within the department, our teachers have a broad range of specialisms and interests that our fully maximised to ensure all pupils are supported and extended to receive the challenge in their chosen sport.