Computing at JESS is much more than working on computers. The vision is to improve learning outcomes through cross curricular application of computing, carefully designed and taught, to prepare the students for success in a global environment of information and technology.

The focus is also on developing the skills necessary for students to compute in a responsible and discerning manner while gaining a deeper understanding of e-safety and the ramifications of their digital tattoo.

To infuse technology in the lessons and promote computing as a tool for engaging the students and enriching the learning, there is a carefully planned programme of increased access to digital devices such as touch-screen computers, laptops and iPads. From Year 3- 6 there is a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) system in operation which is supported by banks of iPads deployed in each year group. To compliment these devices, there is also a bank of BeeBots, roamers, spheros, robots  and drones to practise directional control, coding and programming skills.

Another exciting initiative towards developing 21st century skills is the use of a Microsoft 365 to provide pupils a safe environment in which to collaborate with teachers, parents and other students on documents, websites, spread sheets and presentations related to the curriculum.

Lessons are meticulously planned through regular dialogue between the Computing specialist and class teachers, ensuring strong cross-curricular links and rigour. 

The computing experience is delivered in the comfort of their familiar environment and through touch-screen computers and iPads in the central area. Students are introduced to basic computer skills and terminology while using interactive programs.

Students receive one lesson per week in the computing lab, led by the Computing specialist and supported by the class teacher. They have access to a wide variety of engaging software to support cross-curricular learning, whilst acquiring key skills.

The aim is to increasingly infuse technology to enhance learning in  regular lessons using laptops and iPads. In addition, there are specialist computing lessons in a fully equipped computer lab. 

JESS remains committed to preparing and empowering students to learn and apply digital technologies in a responsible and productive manner.