The aim of the French at JESS Jumeirah is to enable pupils to become confident and independent language learners. Students are encouraged to develop their language skills through a variety of activities that involve listening, speaking, reading and writing. Lessons are planned to allow pupils to feel valued and confident to participate in class activities, ensuring that the language learning process is a positive and enjoyable experience.

In Years Five and Six, pupils are introduced to French and lessons are based on the Accès Studio scheme. Lessons include opportunities for listening, speaking, reading and writing through role play, songs, and rhymes, games and accessing French websites. Project work is also used to encourage independent learning. Pupils have opportunities to talk and write about themselves, dates and birthdays, the classroom, food, likes and dislikes, pets, families, physical descriptions, where you live and the weather. Students also develop their understanding of cultural aspects of France and French speaking countries. Events are organised to give pupils practical experience of speaking French and certificates are awarded regularly to recognise pupils’ effort and achievement