Welcome Message

It is always a pleasure to welcome people to JESS Jumeirah, whether they are making their first contact, or are families who have associations with the School that go back generations.

Schools are primarily about young people, and especially about helping them become the best they can be. We offer our children every opportunity to grow into communicative, creative, critically-thinking, curious and community-minded young adults. We expect our students to think, problem-solve, reflect and respond to the meaningful feedback they receive.

The pastoral care at JESS is of the highest order and there is a genuine sense of community which is enhanced by the unique sense of space and calmness of the Jumeirah site. Set on a large, established campus, JESS pupils have space and opportunities to work and play in stimulating learning environments. A broad and balanced curriculum is on offer and there are extensive opportunities to participate, compete and in many cases to excel in sport, music and the performing arts.

At JESS we are all united in a common goal: wanting our children to thrive.

Mr Asa Firth

Head Teacher