There is an active parents group at JESS Jumeirah, which has been an integral part of the school since 1993. Each year, this group of enthusiastic parents & staff volunteer their time & expertise to organise a series of social events throughout the school year.

Our primary aim is to involve parents, children & staff in some great social events, & to add real value to the whole JESS community. Each year we also raise substantial funds from the bigger events we organise, which enables us to...

fund a series of smaller events for the school community
give some money to charities
buy some fantastic extra resources for JESS

Social Events
We organise a wide variety of community events each year, some big, some small…

Night Market – this has become the biggest & most well attended Christmas market in Dubai. It is held in the school grounds, which are magically transformed into a fairytale backdrop for a range of activities to keep the whole family entertained. People from all over Dubai attend each year, it is a mammoth feat of organisation, but it is a very popular event which is also a huge fund generator for us.

Summer Ball – this annual event is an excellent way for parents & teachers to mix socially outside school, in a very sophisticated hotel setting. Again this requires a big team effort to organise, over 250 people attend each year, & it is a hugely enjoyable evening. As a result of raffles & silent auctions on the night, we also raise a lot of money in the process.

Table Top Sales – these are held in the school grounds twice each year, & are very well attended by people from all over Dubai. These relaxed & popular events provide a great opportunity for parents, staff & children to sell their old toys, household items & books.

Second Hand Uniform Sales – these sales each term are always popular with bargain-hunting parents, as we sell good condition second hand uniforms at very low prices.

We also organise events each year for each of the year groups, which the children love…

Key Stage 2 Discos – for years 3 to 6 children
Easter Egg Hunt – for Key Stage 1 children
Leavers Disco - for year 6 children

Book & Bake Sale

Other projects we organise include...

refreshments for all school concerts
welcome coffee mornings & orientation tours for new parents
story sacks for teachers to use when telling stories to younger children
DRAWINGS BY ME - specialised artwork printed on cards, mugs, calendars etc as keepsakes

renting out our tables to other people for their events
occasional Quiz Nights for parents which are popular & fun
the JPG Newsletter, which is a chatty & informative way to keep parents, children & staff informed of upcoming events

Where the money goes
We’ve sharpened up how we organise events over the last few years, & as a result we raise a lot more money than we used to...generally well in excess of AED 200,000 each year.

That money pays for...

  • a series of excellent events & parties for JESS children
  • refreshments at all JESS school events
  • story sacks for younger children
  • a yearly upgrade of foundation 1 playground toys
  • extra resources for the school like unusual new playground equipment, steel drums & samba pans for the music department, bleachers for the PE Department, ICT equipment for the whole school - such as iPads and iPad Minis
  • a donation to several local & regional charities  
Selling Cakes at the Night Market