Ahmed Alkos - Year 6
JESS Dubai

Ahmed Alkos - Year 6

JESS Dubai
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Meet Ahmed, an Emirati who is currently in Year 6 and started in JESS in Foundation 1. Ahmed is very keen on sports and in particular rugby. Ahmed plays rugby at school and also for the Dubai Exiles rugby team.  Although only in Year 6 at the moment, Ahmed is planning on attending university in the UK and hopes to study law.

Q&A with Ahmed

How long have you been at JESS?

I have been at JESS ever since I started in Foundation 1. All of my siblings attend JESS, two are in Secondary school and the other two are in Primary school at the Ranches with me.

What is your favourite subject?

My favourite subject is PE because I really like Sports and its fun to play and keeps me fit at the same time.

What do you enjoy most about being at JESS?

I like having lots of nice friends and the teachers are really kind.

Have you been on any trips with JESS outside of school?

Yes, last year I went on the Year 5 trip to Kalba. It was great.

Have you taken part in any competitions outside of school?

I play for the Under 12 Exiles Rugby team, so I’ve been to lots of tournaments with them.

What would you like to do after you leave JESS?

I would like to go to University in the UK.

What job do you imagine you will do?

I would like to be a lawyer.

How would you describe JESS to someone who knew nothing about it?

It’s a good school with friendly people.