Alkawthar Darwish - Year 13
JESS Dubai

Alkawthar Darwish - Year 13

JESS Dubai
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Alkawathar is our newest JESS Alumna having graduated in 2018. She has just begun her studies at Manchester University in the UK where she is studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics.

Alkawathar's ambition after her studies is to return to the UAE and work within the Government ideally within the educational sector where she hopes to drive educational change and progress for all UAE children.

Q&A with Alkawthar Darwish.

Where are you from?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Tell us about your family

My family consists of my parents and my three siblings. My siblings and I have always been ambitious which is a result of my parent's constant encouragement and support.

How long have you been at JESS?

I’ve studied at JESS since Year 9 which makes it five years but it feels like I’ve been there longer.

What is your favourite subject?

Although I’m passionate about all of the subjects I have chosen to take, my favourite has to be theatre. The subject allows for a platform of self-expression which enables creative liberty hence pushing me out of my comfort zone. Also, it involves one of my favourite elements which is team work, a group of us must work together to establish an idea then work together to execute the performance all while depending on each other to perform to the best of our abilities.

What do you enjoy most about being at JESS?

JESS never gives students an opportunity to be bored as the school is always busy whether that be a Wild Wednesday competition which involves the whole school, lunchtime concerts every other Thursday or the many bake sales and interesting PSCHE days; JESS ensures that students are kept engaged and entertained throughout the academic year.

Have you been on any trips with JESS outside of school?

Yes, many. My favourite trip has to be the Year 10 China trip to Beijing and Shanghai, the trip was both fun and educational as we learnt about China’s history and rich culture through our visiting of various historical sights.

Have you taken part in any competitions outside of school?

I’ve been involved in several sports competitions ranging from basketball to football to golf.

What would you like to do after you leave JESS?

I’m very excited to embark on my journey after JESS. I have chosen to study Philosophy, Politics and Economics at university – which is an interest that has developed through my GCSE and IB years. This university degree will hopefully allow me to enter the government more specifically the education sector.

What job do you imagine you will do?

I’m very passionate about education and economics; hence, I hope to be in a job that has a bit of both.

How would you describe JESS to someone who knew nothing about it?

JESS is very much a strong and supportive community that aspires for excellence in all aspects of academic and non-academic endeavours.