Faces of Tomorrow - Lorna
JESS Dubai

Faces of Tomorrow - Lorna

JESS Dubai
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Lorna has a wide set of interests within the performing arts. She can act, sing, dance and is also grade 5 on the flute! Lorna has been cast in lead roles in school shows and has performed publicly in theatres and other venues in Dubai.

Q&A With Lorna Phillips

How long have you been at JESS?

I have been at JESS forever! Seriously, I joined JESS as a 3 year-old in Foundation 1 in the first year that the Arabian Ranches campus opened. I want to go to the JESS Sixth Form next year so, when I finish, I will have spent my entire education at the same school – amazing! What is more amazing about it is that quite a few others in my year are the same as me in this respect. Fifteen years at the same school…quite unique, especially for an expat!

What is your favourite subject?

I love drama and psychology. Drama as it allows us to be creative (and sometimes to put my choreography skills to the test) and the lessons are great fun. Psychology because I find it incredibly interesting and can apply it to real life. It also helps that my teacher is very, very good and we are taught in many different ways, which makes lessons even more interesting.

What have been your greatest memories so far?

In so many years, there are too many to mention! Stand-out achievements have been winning the Maths Award in Year 6 (and being the queen in the assembly that year…it was a good year ☺). Also landing one of the lead parts of the school show last year. Other great memories are going on the French/History trip, dress-up days (there were many in Primary, much to my Mum’s annoyance!), the JESS Spring Fair, the Year 6 ‘Leavers Disco’, and I have fond memories of going to the infamous ‘SPLAT’ camp, which is a holiday club run by JESS staff and older students.

List things in addition to the school curriculum that you have taken part in.

Most of my hobbies involve dancing, as I love to dance. I enjoy Musical Theatre, which is the traditional, stage-type singing, dancing and acting and ‘dance fusion’ which is much more modern. In addition to the trekking up and down mountains and deserts that I am doing as part of my Silver D of E International Award, I am helping with Brownies (for the service element) and I have done this for quite a while now. I am also in a Senior Section Girl Guiding group and am considering becoming a Young Leader. I also play the flute and I really love baking, which comes in handy for all the charity drives that we do at JESS!

What do you enjoy most about being at JESS?

On a practical basis, I love living close by and I love the fact that it is such a beautiful school with amazing grounds…you would never know that we are actually in the middle of a desert!

On a more sentimental level, I love how the teachers believe in all of us. They ask a lot and the workload and the level of organisation that is expected can sometimes be great, but many of them often go above and beyond in helping us to do our very best.

What do you want to do when you leave?

I am not 100% sure what I will end up doing yet, but I think it will involve some sort of performing skill. I would love to go to Theatre School and develop my acting and dancing skills or study something related to film / performance. I do love psychology though, so haven’t ruled out pursuing a career related to that (or perhaps combine the two?). Whatever I decide though, I know I will get great support from JESS in pursuing my dreams and the beauty of the IB in the JESS Sixth Form is that it allows me to keep my options open!

How is JESS preparing you for your future?

The teachers at JESS really help us to apply knowledge to real-life situations, which really makes the lessons come alive and gives us critical thinking skills – a crucial skill, especially in the technological world that we will be working in. We also have lots of talks about options for our future – in Year 11, we are currently having talks about the options in the Sixth Form

How would you describe JESS to somebody who knew nothing about it?

JESS in a couple of words - friendly and inclusive. As an expat school with students of many different nationalities and cultures, diversity is the norm. This means that students at JESS tend to be tolerant, accepting and respectful of other people ...a great life skill!