Faces of Tomorrow - Sean
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Faces of Tomorrow - Sean

JESS Dubai
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Sean is extremely passionate about Science, which has seen him try to recreate the Northern lights in a lab! He is the leader of the Engineering society and the STEM inter-schools competition. Sean wished to study Aerospace Engineering and Astronautics at university and, eventually, to work on space missions.

Q&A With Sean Carr

How long have you been at JESS?

I’ve been a student at JESS since Year 4, so when I leave, I will have spent 10 years and two-thirds of my education here!

What is your favourite subject?

Physics for sure because I’ve always wondered about how everything around us works. Even at the very beginning of my school journey, my curiosity for space was always there. I remember learning about the distances of the planets within our solar system when I was young. That was when I realised I had a real passion for the sciences.

What have been your greatest memories so far?

Throughout my time at JESS my favourite memory must be the Drone challenge. This was an inter-school competition which saw myself and 3 other students heading off to Heriot-Watt University in Dubai to build a drone!

List things in addition to the school curriculum that you have taken part in.

I have enjoyed being part of multiple things in addition to the normal curriculum in school such as the school football team, cycling, inter-schools athletics competitions, cancer awareness initiatives, the ‘Party in the Park’ music event and the Duke of Edinburgh International Award, to name a few.

What do you enjoy most about being at JESS?

The thing I enjoy most about JESS is the community feel around school. Staff and students are very friendly. When you walk around the campus, there is always a greeting and a smile from all teachers, whether they have taught me or not. Those who do teach me are always there to answer questions I’ve always wanted to know the answers to, whether it’s in lessons or in their own time, they are always there to listen and advise.

Where do you want to go / what do you want to do when you leave?

Life after JESS is something I am really looking forward to as it will allow me to realise my true ambitions in life. I have chosen to study Aerospace Engineering and Astronautics at university based on my interest in all things space-related – an interest which began way back at the start of my JESS journey. I would love to end up working for a space agency, designing the latest tech for manned missions to space.

How is JESS preparing you for your future?

In addition to fuelling my desire to learn, JESS has prepared me well for the future by encouraging me to be truly independent and reflective – both of which are key life skills needed for whatever my future may hold.

How would you describe JESS to somebody who knew nothing about it?

I would describe the school to be one big family, where everyone is supportive of one another and a place where each student strives to be the best that they can possibly be.

How is life different in the Sixth Form?

The main difference between the Secondary School and the Sixth Form is the level of independence that students are given. Sixth Formers are treated as young adults rather than students and allowed a certain amount of liberty, which helps us to mature into great young people! The IB specifically also develops extremely good time management skills!