JESS Dubai Director Mark Steed
JESS Dubai

JESS Dubai Director Mark Steed

JESS Dubai
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Welcome to JESS Dubai, one of the leading British curriculum schools in the Middle East.

A Futureproof Education: At JESS, we not only aim to provide young people with the qualifications that is the ‘golden ticket’ to university and employment, but we also endeavour to equip them with the skills and attitudes that will enable them to thrive in the highly competitive world of the mid-C21. At JESS we take pride in the tradition and reputation of the school for pursuing the highest standards. It is expected that each student will strive zealously to fulfil his or her unique potential, while also acting as a worthy member of the school community. We promote a supportive environment where students feel determined to do their best at all times, and where both effort and achievement are warmly acknowledged.

JESS Dubai Director Mr Mark SteedAn education that extends beyond the classroom: Our academic programme is complemented and supported by a wide range of sporting, recreational and performance activities. The school's pastoral care programme pays close attention to the well-being and personal development of each individual student. In these ways, the school promotes physical, emotional, personal and social development as well as intellectual growth.

Committed to the UAE National Agenda: JESS is committed fully to the UAE National Agenda. JESS is an inclusive and tolerant school community that fosters Innovation and C21 Learning Skills. 

Working at JESS: All of us who work at JESS see ourselves as partners in our learning community. We look to the future of the school and our students with great excitement. We hope that we may be able to welcome your child to this community - so that we can continue to share in that excitement of learning, and play an active role in shaping their futures.

At JESS we aim to promote an education that challenges young people to make a difference.

Mr Mark S. Steed


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