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When is an Offer Made?

The timing of an offer will depend on the year group you have applied for and whether the place is to start at the beginning of an academic year or mid-year. For specific detail on this please refer to the Admissions Policy link below.

The Offer Procedure

The offer procedure differs slightly depending on the year group that is applied for.

The documentation and payments that are required to allow registration at the KHDA and to fulfil JESS' internal requirements also differ slightly by year group. This is all detailed on the offer letter and further details can be found in our Admissions Policy


Transfer Certificates

When transferring from a school either within Dubai or from abroad, your child (unless not already in school) will need a Transfer Certificate.  This must be original, completed and fully attested, if applicable, as per KHDA guidelines. This is a very important document, issued by your child’s previous school which details the curriculum followed, school year completed, school year promoted to, present year group and your child’s last day of attendance.

Important Note re Transfer Certificates

If you are moving to JESS from overseas, some Transfer Certificates require further attestation from governmental departments: the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the UAE embassy in the country where your child recently attended school. It is extremely advisable to check which attestations are required prior to leaving the country as obtaining the necessary attestations once you have left can often prove difficult and time-consuming (and sometimes impossible!)

When transferring to JESS from a school in Dubai, we need a no objection letter from the school that the student can transfer to JESS.  It is the responsibility of the previous school to transfer the student online on the KHDA system.

When transferring to JESS from a school in another Emirate, you need to submit to JESS an original Transfer Certificate stamped by the Educational Zone of the Emirate your child is coming from.

When transferring to JESS from abroad, your child (unless not already in school) will need an original Transfer Certificate that is signed and stamped by your child's previous school detailing the curriculum followed, school year completed, school year promoted to, present year group and your child’s last day of attendance.

N.B. If you are moving from another Arab Country, Asia or Africa, it must be fully attested as per KHDA guidelines.

IMPORTANT: Please view the links below to see an example of a sample transfer certificate, and full details of KHDA guidelines and documents required, including specific details of the required attestations for the country you are moving from. Please read these Transfer Certificate guidelines carefully to ensure you can comply with the requirements, before accepting the offer.

If you have any queries regarding this part of the registration process, please contact our KHDA liaison department who will be happy to assist you. 

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