Head's Welcome
JESS Dubai

Head's Welcome

JESS Dubai
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It is always a pleasure to welcome people to JESS Jumeirah, whether you are making your first contact, or are families who have associations with the school that go back generations.

The JESS Aim:

Over four decades the school has developed its own unique brand of education. The school continuously pursues the perfect balance between our traditions in achieving the highest academic and pastoral excellence with developing a forward thinking, innovative and cutting edge approach to education. Ultimately our aim is to provide the children with an education that challenges young people to make a difference.

The JESS Culture:

The broad and balanced curriculum on offer provides our children every opportunity to grow into communicative, creative, critically-thinking, curious and community-minded young adults. There are extensive opportunities to participate, compete and in many cases to excel in academics, sport, music, technology and the performing arts.  

JESS has a global reputation for its relentless pursuit of excellence and its desire to make a difference. 

The JESS culture and character are both visible in the pride with which the traditional blue and white stripes are worn; you can hear it echo in the words of our school mottos and in the chorus of the school song and you can feel it reverberating from the history on the walls of the school achievement board and trophy cabinets.

Exceptional people demand exceptional surroundings and this leads to exceptional results. Here at JESS Jumeirah we have all three. Come and explore the school.

Mr Asa Firth
Head Teacher