Welcome to Jumeirah
JESS Dubai

Welcome to Jumeirah

JESS Dubai
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JESS Jumeirah is a well established IAPS school which has built an excellent reputation across the Middle East and beyond. The school has been in operation for over 40 years and during that time has developed a reputation as a high achieving school academically as well as in the areas of music, sport and performing arts. The school has 700 students on roll ranging from 3-11 years.

The beautifully designed campus comprises of 8 year group blocks as well as specialist areas for computing, library, PE  and music.  Well established planting and an intricate maze of pathways and landscaped areas throughout the campus add to the British community feel of the school.

Within each group unit there are four, well-equipped classrooms and a shared central area. There is a strong commitment to providing quality resources and challenging learning environments.  Play areas within the school offer stimulating and fun places to work and play.  Shaded seating, opportunities for physical activity as well as exploration are provided and equipment is available to support physical activity and play during break times.

Sports facilities within the school are outstanding. 

There are two temperature-controlled swimming pools: one for use by our younger children as well as our training pool for squads and older children.  The pools are completely shaded and there are seating and changing facilities by the poolside.  Netball courts, a large tiger-turf sports field as well as a multi-purpose PE studio and Hall, with a sprung wooden floor, complete our sports facility.

Our music centre comprises of two well equipped teaching rooms with a range of instruments available to children as well as an Apple suite and a bank of iPads to infuse music and technology. There are three practice rooms to support the extensive peripatetic instrumental programme in operation within the school.

Classroom teachers, teaching assistants and specialist staff including PE, ICT, Arabic, Islamic, Music and Learning Support work closely together to provide the very best for our children both within the school day and as part of our extensive after-school programme.

JESS is committed to the professional development of all staff and, as a member of the British Schools Overseas, COBIS and IAPS, subscribes to many staff training courses. Teachers also attend training courses arranged independently by JESS.  A strong school self-evaluation system is in operation, complemented by an extensive programme of inspection and developmental feedback and support from UK specialists and consultants.

Our aim of wanting to be a school that has a global reputation for a unique brand of education that challenges young people to make a difference is a strong driving force for all JESS schools and one which is greatly enhanced by parental involvement and support.