Why JESS Primary?
JESS Dubai

Why JESS Primary?

JESS Dubai
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Welcome to our Primary School in Arabian Ranches

The JESS Arabian Ranches Primary School opened in September 2005.  We have 530 pupils on roll from 3-11 years. The campus is made up of a range of classroom and specialist areas.  The buildings are aesthetically pleasing in their design which is Moorish in style.

Sports facilities include a nine lane shaded/temperature controlled swimming pool, plus a separate learners’ pool, four tennis/three netball courts, a large air conditioned sports hall and a sports field that contains two football pitches.

Located centrally within the campus is an Auditorium with attached outdoor amphitheatre and a dedicated music centre.

The self-contained Primary School has access to these facilities in addition to a dedicated Primary Studio and Music room within the Primary school itself.  There is a centrally located Library with an independent primary section.

The Primary school is a 2 storey building; the ground floor housing Foundation Stage and Key Stage One and the upper floor Key Stage Two.  Each year group has its own defined area comprising three classrooms and a shared central area.  Within the Primary school we also have an IT room, Arabic and Islamic rooms, and a Learning Support room.  Resources are, and will continue to be, excellent; the school is committed to a high level of IT to support the curriculum with each class having an interactive TV or whiteboard as well as numerous iPads from Foundation 1-Y3 and a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) programme for Y4-6.

Surrounding the primary school building are dedicated play areas for Foundation Key Stage One pupils. Each play area provides a range of equipment and resources of the highest standard.

Positions of responsibility include a Director, Headteacher, Deputy Headteachers, Year Group Leaders, Heads of Department and Subject Leaders.

Alongside classroom teachers we have several specialist staff that support the delivery of the curriculum in PE, Music, IT, French and Arabic.  Extra-curricular activities are an important part of a school such as JESS and all staff share a full commitment to this area of school life.

JESS is committed to the professional development of all staff and, as a member of IAPS and COBIS subscribe to many staff training courses.  Teachers also attend training courses arranged independently by JESS as well as conferences both home and abroad.

A strong school self-evaluation system is in operation, complemented by an extensive programme of external inspection (DSIB, BSO).

Please see below the presentation regarding the Present and the Future of JESS, given recently by Mr Steed, Director. 

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