The IB Advantage
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The IB Advantage

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I would lean over backwards to admit IB students

Dr Loebinger, Manchester University 

Why do so many universities feel the same way about IB Diploma students? Just read on. 

The breadth of study 

The programme is broad but there is also significant depth in each programme of study – the Higher and Standard Level course offerings and core components ensure this. Choosing the IB avoids the need to specialise too early and allows students to start a new language if they wish. 

Zero Grade Inflation

The IB's world average has been sitting steadily at 30 points and thus universities are able to accurately quantify the calibre of students they are admitting, especially when compared to students coming from national educational systems.


There is a wide choice of topics at different levels and a chance to research an area that interests each student in the Extended Essay. There is also a great variety of assessment tools used to assess student performance thus enfranchising a multiplicity of learning styles.

TOK programme 

Encourages critical thinking and asks students ‘What does it mean to know something?’ 

Wider Personal Development 

The Diploma Programme enables the development of students within the JESS community and in society as a whole. e.g. JESS Vietnam Project, Little Wings. 

Excellent Preparatory University Pathways 

The IBDP helps students develop skills such as research, critical thinking and independent learning.

Employability Edge

Employers appreciate the broad-based, rigorous study which helps students develop good language, numeracy and time management skills. The IBDP provides students with a robust academic and extra-curricular profile that more and more of the world's leading multinational corporations seek from their employees.

The Diploma is now increasingly popular with UK universities

Many UK universities now favour IB applicants over A Level applicants.
The IBDP allows the student the opportunity to make an application distinctive. Universities can distinguish the best candidates and appreciate the skills the IB provides. 

"When I interview for top jobs I always look for people with a breadth of skills and knowledge. The IB Diploma provides this breadth, plus language skills and an all-round balance. It invariably gives applicants who hold it an advantage over other job candidates." - Peter Forbes, Head of Sales UK, Streamline Merchant Services, Royal Bank of Scotland

University Recognition

The IBDP offers students the opportunity to make an application distinctive. What's more, the IB Diploma is the most widely recognised international qualification by universities across the globe with many of the world's top institutions aggressively seeking to enrol IB graduates. For those students who excel at IB, the possibility for scholarships (or advance placement credits in US universities) it also improved with an IB qualification.

"IB is well known to us as excellent preparation. Success in an IB programme correlates well with success at Harvard. We are pleased to see the credentials of the IB Diploma Programme on the transcript." - Marlyn McGrath Lewis, Assistant Dean of Admissions, Harvard University, USA

Accessible to Wide Range of Abilities 

The IB Diploma, despite erroneous preconceptions of it being academically elitist, does cater to most all ability ranges. Performance is measured from the pass level of 24 points all the way through to the maximum 45 points available for a small handful of exceptional students. Consequently, university acceptance and offer rates exist for students with the minimum 24 points all the way up to the maximum 45 points.

The International Dimension 

The IBDP is not only recognised by countries globally but is also a natural extension of the strong international dimension which exists both in JESS and in Dubai generally, providing an ideal preparation for global citizenship.

Free from Political Interference

As the IB is a non-profit educational organisation, set up and run by a Board of Trustees in the field of international education, its curriculum is free from any political interference that seems to plague national educational programmes.

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