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Higher Project Qualification

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JESS aims to develop #FutureReady skills in all our students and to ensure that a JESS education equips them with the necessary skills and learning abilities to thrive in tomorrow's careers, so we are delighted to offer the Higher Project Qualification.

What is the Higher Project Qualification?

Higher Project Qualification at JESS DubaiFrom September 2019, we are offering the Higher Project Qualification or HPQ.

Students taking the HPQ route will be able to discover the joys of independent learning, to choose a subject and mode of study that suits their learning style and to take responsibility for their own stdy and develop new life and study skills as they learn.  

The HPQ is seen in the top ranking private schools across the world and allows students to personalise their learning journey.

As a qualification, HPQ is recognised and acknowledged by Sixth Form centres and Universities when students are creating their personal statements as it demonstrates evidence of independent learning, research skills and self-motivation.


Which students should study the HPQ?

The Higher Project Qualification is suitable for students in Years 10 and 11 and is equivalent to a GCSE. This method of study will suit students who are :

  • Aspiring to selective universities.
  • Involved in Olympiads.
  • Gaining a Grade 1 in JESS reports/assessments.
  • Involved in the JESS Academic Enrichment Program.
  • Independent Learners.

More Information 

Our Higher Project Qualification leaflet below has more details.