Welcome to Secondary
JESS Dubai

Welcome to Secondary

JESS Dubai
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The drive, ambition and effort that has enabled JESS to excel as a school is reflected daily in our students' approach to all spheres of school life. In every corner of the campus you will witness a supportive, challenging and stimulating environment underpinned by high expectations and equally high standards. You will find strong relationships between students who are eager to learn, and teachers who are motivated and skilled to make this happen. What results is a symbiotic relationship which facilitates continuous improvement.

Both GCSE and International Baccalaureate results improve year on year, achieving what are exceptional outcomes for a mixed ability school. Our leading scholars achieve at the highest level globally whilst we take pride in every child exceeding expectations whatever their individual challenges might be.

Our ambition for our students goes well beyond the classroom with comprehensive programmes in sport, performance, community service and a wealth of extracurricular and enrichment opportunities. We strive to identify and tap into every individual student’s gifts, finding areas in which they can shine and build confidence. Every boy and girl is important at JESS. 

The measure of a great school is the calibre of its young men and women when they depart. A JESS education produces confident, high achieving and adaptable young men and women. They are well prepared for the challenges presented by today’s fast moving, global environment. In line with the JESS mission statement, our students are well prepared to go out in the world and Make a Difference. With the outstanding climate for learning and personal development that has evolved at our school, they can only succeed.

I hope that you have the opportunity to visit or meet with some of the JESS community.   

I know that you will be impressed.

Shane O’Brien
Headteacher of Secondary