Examination Results
JESS Dubai

Examination Results

JESS Dubai
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Our results speak for themselves. JESS is consistently one of the best performing schools in the UAE meeting the National Agenda targets and with results often on par/in line with top performing schools globally which is a testament to the hard work of our teachers and students.

PISA and TIMSS testing are undertaken every four years. Our most recent results are below.


PISA Scores









TIMSS Results Grade 4 2015 for JESS Dubai







TIMSS Grade 8 2015 results for JESS Dubai








GCSE Results - 2018

Our 2018 GCSE results have surpassed all previous years.

There was a 7% increase in students achieving A*s with 40% of our students being awarded the top A* grade at GCSE.  A huge 70% of our students achieved A*-A grades and 99% of our students achieved A* - C. These are remarkable statistics for a mixed ability school.

2018 GCSE Highlights

40% of exams passed at A* (REC)
70% of exams passed at A* or A grade (REC)
99% of exams passed at A* to C (REC)
98% of pupils achieved 5 passes (A*-C) including Maths and English

GCSE RESULTS 2014 - 2018

IB Results - 2018

For a non-selective school catering to IB cohorts of 90-100 students, JESS has produced phenomenal results since it began offering the IB Diploma and IB Diploma Courses. The school has consistently performed above the IB world average overall, in individual subject areas and in the core areas of Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge.

The IB Programme continues to go from strength to strength and the most recent cohort (May 2018) continued the trend of excellent results achieved by JESS students.

The school’s overall average of 35.5 continues to fly high above the world average of 30 points, a figure which a staggering 93.8% of JESS students met or exceeded -  this is a new record for JESS students! These statistics are complemented this year with almost 61.9% of students achieving 35 points or more; the equivalent of two A* and two As at A-level. The 13.4% of students that scored 40 points or more, equivalent to more than 4 A* at A-level, have reached a level that would turn the head of any university in the world. Indeed, JESS students will be taking up university places in some of the best universities in the UK, the USA, Canada, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Australia and the UAE.

Perhaps more telling was the significant value added to our students coming with mixed ability ranges who outperformed across nearly all metrics to attain impressive final results, proving once again that JESS is a place where all students can, quite simply, excel. 

2018 IB Highlights Summary

  • 35.8 average points total (compared to the world average of 30 points)
  • 1.86 average Core points, out of 3 (compared to the world average of 1 point)
  • NEW RECORD - 61.9% of pupils achieved 35 points or more 
  • NEW RECORD - 93.8% of pupils achieved 30 points or more (the IB world average) 
  • 16.5% of pupils achieved 40 points or more
  • 100% Diploma pass rate (97 students from a cohort of 103 were entered for the full Diploma)

Primary Students - Pupil Attainment 2017-2018

At JESS we use the stanine scale (a score on a nine-unit scale from 1 to 9, where a score of 5 describes an average performance)  to assess our primary students' performance in English, Maths and Science and measure this against the UK National average and also the DSIB expectations. Our most recent results for the academic year 2017-2018 are below.


GCSE Examination Grading System

The GCSE examination grading system in the UK is being reformed, moving from the traditional
A* to G grades to a 9 to 1 system, with 9 being the top grade available. These changes are being phased in over three years, therefore, many students will receive a mixture of numbers and letters.  Whether the final grade is a number or a letter, JESS is striving for every child to achieve the best possible outcome.

JESS will continue to report all our examination highlights using the A* to G system. Below is the correlation of grades for comparison.