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As the school is a non-profit making organisation, all children are required to have their place at Jumeirah English Speaking School supported by a debenture. There are two types of debentures available: Corporate and Personal.

Corporate Debentures

These were sold to companies who chose to support Jumeirah English Speaking School on a long term basis by investing in the initial building of the schools. In return for this commitment we offer their eligible employees priority on our waiting lists and the option to apply to JESS even if the waiting list is closed.  Corporate Debentures are subject to certain terms and conditions and must already be arranged and available before a child can be offered a place in Jumeirah English Speaking School under this entry criterion. Once a debenture is allocated to a child it remains with them until they leave the school, during this time it cannot be used to prioritise another child, a separate debenture is required for each child.

Upon receiving a corporate debentured application, eligibility will be confirmed by JESS with the company HR department, once verified the application will be placed on our priority waiting list, in date of application order, until a place becomes available and can be offered.  If at this point we are informed that you are not eligible, parents will be contacted, the application will not be accepted and any registration fee paid will be refunded. If the waiting list for that year group is open at the time, parents can be given the option to apply as a personal debentured application.

Once a child who is allocated a corporate owned debenture leaves Jumeirah English Speaking School, the debenture will then become available again thus giving priority on the waiting list to other eligible employees. Please note that the companies set their own eligibility criteria within their organisation and it is solely their decision to nominate employees who can use their individual debentures. Parents are asked to discuss this with their HR departments prior to submitting an application to the school.

The sale of Corporate Debentures is now closed, if this is re opened in the future, current debenture holders will be notified first and it may be published on our website if further investment is required.

Personal Debentures

Upon receipt of a personal-debentured application, the child will be added to the personal waiting list, by date of application, until a place becomes available and can be offered. Personal debentures are not payable until a place is offered, they cannot be purchased in advance and give no priority on the waiting list.

Once a child is offered a place, under a personal debenture, parents will be required to confirm their acceptance by purchasing a personal debenture within a specified deadline, normally within 1 month of the offer or before the child starts the school.  Personal debentures remain in place whilst the child attends the school and are refunded when the child leaves*.

Please note that if parents give less than the required one term's notice the personal debenture will not be refunded until the end of the following term.

Effective 1 October 2011 personal debentures are AED20,000 at both schools.

*Although the constitution states that personal debentures are repayable in the year 2076 at Jumeirah or 20 years from the date of issue at Arabian Ranches, the practice at present is to repay the Debenture once the child has left Jumeirah English Speaking School and then re-issue it to the parent(s) of another child entering the school.  A personal debenture would also be refunded if a previously accepted offer is later declined.

For full details of the debenture rules, please see the documents below.

Personal Debenture Rules - Jumeirah (PDF 215KB)

Personal Debenture Rules - Arabian Ranches (PDF 299KB)

Corporate Debenture Rules - Jumeirah (PDF 129KB)

Corporate Debenture Rules - Arabian Ranches (PDF 298KB)