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JESS is a school with learning at its heart; we aim to instil in our students a passion for knowledge and discovery. The same is true of our staff. Our JESS CPD provides a forum for JESS staff to keep learning, fostering their growth mind-set and share best practice. This has a direct impact on our students' attainment, progress and engagement. We work collaboratively across both JESS campuses to celebrate our strengths and enable us to get the best of ourselves, so we can ensure the best of our students.

JESS CPD umbrellas five strands: JESS Talks, JESS Workshops, JESS Listens, JESS Learns and JESS Leads.

JESS Talks are planned and presented by colleagues across all three JESS schools. The format of a JESS Talk is five talks lasting up to ten minutes each. Each JESS Talk is centred around one of the following: inform, innovate or inspire. Topics are selected that drive innovation; inform staff about developments in education; promote well-being and inspire staff to take risks in their practice.

JESS Workshop is a forty-five-minute classroom based workshop. The strands of JESS Workshops are driven by our whole school priorities (identified on our SIP and inspection reports). Facilitators are internally recruited from those identified as Lead Practitioners in a particular strand.

JESS Listens invites outside speakers, trainers and facilitators to work with JESS colleagues on a particular area of development within the school. This is our opportunity to seek out World experts in their field and learn from them.

JESS Learns matches staff on external courses. We believe wholeheartedly in investing in its greatest resource: our staff. With this in mind, JESS colleagues have the opportunity to attend a variety of external courses across the region – and beyond – to seek best practice, up-to-date thinking and professional development. On their return to school, information is gathered centrally so that all staff can benefit.

JESS Leads supports the UAE National Agenda; JESS recognises that by sharing our outstanding practice, we can help improve education for students across the region. With this in mind, JESS Shares opens its doors to colleagues from across Dubai (and beyond) and invites them to listen, collaborate and network for free. We also send JESS delegates to speak at Conferences around the globe to represent the UAE.

All the above is housed on our internal JESS CPD Site. Staff can watch all historical JESS Talks; download all JESS Workshop resources; review material from our JESS Listens speakers; access all material that colleagues have brought back from JESS Learns external courses and share examples of JESS Leads.

Microsoft Academy @ JESS

In order to support staff and students with e-learning, JESS has formed a partnership with Microsoft Middle East. We are a registered test centre and all staff can access the many certified exams offered by Microsoft. In addition, Microsoft send over trainers and experts to help train staff in utilising Microsoft in the classroom.